Have you ever thought to yourself, “I want some of that syrup”? Well, now that purple stuff gets you elevated! We are happy to be the new home of Delta 9 THC syrup and are excited to tell you that we’ve formulated this amazing flavor with an impressive high mg blend of premium Delta 9 THC. We know you’re gonna love this one, so put some in your cart today and get your drink elevated!

Benefits include

  • Relaxation of the body
  • Heighted Mood
  • Body Elevation
  • Head Elevation
  • Trippiness

Directions for Best Results:

Delta 9 THC Syrup is very simple to use.  Simply open the bottle and add some to your drink! You can sip this product down straight as well, but combining it with soda is usually the preferred way. We recommend to everyone is that they sip it slowly over time for the first use. Our Delta 9 THC Syrups are super potent, so start with a little sip, wait 40 minutes or so, and see how you feel. You can always take more if you want to elevate yourself further, but it’s hard to go back if you chug it from the start.

Great for you if: You love the taste of fruity stuff and want to get elevated on some potent Delta 9 THC. This product is easy to use, very convenient and chalked with strong cannabinoids. If that sounds like fun, this is the product you want!

Warning: May cause psychotropic effect. Not intended for use by those under the age of 21.

Do not drive or operate any heavy machinery when using any of our products!
Delta 9 THC affects everyone in a different way so it is essential that you consult your doctor before using any Terpsey product.
Do not use this product unless recommended by your doctor
Do not use more of this product than recommended by your doctor
Do not use this product if you are pregnant, nursing, or under 21 years of age
Do not use this product if you have any diagnosed or undiagnosed health conditions

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